Packaged Heat Pump Rooms

A packaged heat pump room is the easy way to benefit from the efficiency of commercial air source heat pumps. Suitable for a huge number of industries and sectors, heat pumps bring renewable heat and hot water into your premises, saving on energy bills and carbon emissions.

Fletchers Engineering have extensive experience in the design, build and installation of packaged heat pump rooms, using performance materials and modern offsite fabrication techniques to give you a complete heat pump room in a self-contained unit.

We deliver this unit, place it in a convenient location alongside your existing premises, and complete the assembly to connect the heat pump and pipework into your building for clean, efficient heat and hot water.


Benefits of Packaged Heat Pump Rooms

Packaged heat pump rooms combine the benefits of fully bespoke, made-to-measre design and offsite fabrication, allowing us to install your heat pump quickly, safely and within a tight schedule as part of ongoing engineering works on your site.

  • We measure and model your heat pump room to fit within the required footprint.
  • We include pipes, valves and connections, working with your schematics if desired.
  • We can provide service and maintenance to keep heat pumps in optimal condition.

You can put your trust in Fletchers Engineering to handle every stage of the design, fabrication and installation process, from taking precise measurements and choosing performance materials, to negotiating delivery routes and any necessary road closures for wide loads.


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