Packaged Plant Rooms

Packaged plant rooms offer a cost-effective and space-efficient way to modernise heating and hot water systems, giving you a self-contained unit equipped with all the plant you need to heat and supply your premises.

Fletchers Engineering’s expertise in packaged plant rooms allows us to create these units to the highest modern standards, deliver and install them, leaving your premises ready to go with the minimum of delay and inconvenience.

Whether you are looking to improve on your environmental credentials, modernise outdated plant room equipment, or you need to increase your hot water and heating capacity with no more space available, we can help.


Benefits of Packaged Plant Rooms

Packaged plant rooms offer several major benefits that can make it easier to update your premises, even on properties where internal upgrades would be impossible.

Consistent Quality

Upgrading outdated plant can be costly and inefficient. A packaged plant room gives you a complete update, with every component up to modern standards. Cut energy costs and maintenance burdens in one single step.

Relocate Plant Rooms

Relocate existing plant rooms to a new, self-contained unit, freeing up existing space in your buildings for other use. Your new plant room can be placed adjacent to your current one, or in another convenient position.

Fast and Easy

Packaged plant rooms are delivered complete and can be quickly connected to your hot water and central heating pipes. As part of larger refurbishment works, we can ensure your plant room is delivered at the right time to avoid delays.

Why Choose Fletchers?

Fletchers have excelled in engineering since the family business was founded 40 years ago, and we’re continually improving our facilities to stay at the top of our game.

Our 35,000 square foot premises and purpose-built workshops allow us to offer the highest standard of offsite manufacturing.

With skilled engineers working on your packaged plant room ahead of delivery, you know that you will always get the best from Fletchers Engineering.

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