At Fletchers we’re proud of our sustainability commitments and our wider environmental credentials. Steel is endlessly recyclable and we always work to make the most efficient use of materials on every project we work on. This not only reduces the carbon footprint and environmental impact of our work, it also means our clients benefit from lower material costs and streamlined installations. Our efforts have been recognised with a 100% score on the Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility elements of on-site Achilles assessments.

Achilles is a supply chain certification audit used across the industry to accredit companies that deliver time and cost savings for their supply chain. Fletchers regularly score very highly and our full-marks rating on on-site CSR and Environment is testament to our efforts on sustainable practices in our workplace. We continue to look for materials and methods that can raise our efficiency levels even higher, especially on projects with a stated environmental commitment. We work with clients in eco-sensitive industries, such as data centre operators, recycling facilities and utilities providers, so we understand the need for our work to underpin your own CSR commitments.

  • Achilles accreditation provides third-party verification of our sustainability credentials
  • Modern manufacturing methods and materials reduce carbon impact of projects
  • Continuing improvement means we are always at the forefront of sustainability

Fletchers use manufacturing methods that not only help with sustainability, but also with ease of installation and assembly. Offsite fabrication allows us to produce made-to-measure steelworks ahead of time, bring them to the job site and assemble them quickly, to keep projects running smoothly. We use materials like thin wall stainless steel, which is highly corrosion resistant, so it represents an immediate saving on the amount of steel used, as well as a long-term benefit by avoiding future maintenance and repair work.

The larger the project, the greater the implications of sustainability. On installations containing hundreds of tons of steel, marginal gains can be magnified many times over. Even on smaller projects, efficient use of materials can help to bring the work in under budget and make the best use of compact spaces. We work on orders of all sizes and can advise from the initial design stage so you gain the full benefit of our expertise. To find out more, read our Case Studies or get in touch using the details on our Contact page or via our quick and easy online enquiry form.

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