Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration systems are as important as heating in many industrial premises, and Fletchers Engineering have the expertise and experience to install refrigeration systems that give you the capacity and capability you need.

Our workforce of skilled engineers can design, manufacture, install and commission refrigeration systems that meet your specifications for size/dimensions, materials and capacity.

We use thin-wall stainless steel for all pipework, which is easier to work with in confined spaces, allowing us to install refrigeration systems into areas where traditional techniques would not allow.

What We Can Do

Fletchers’ 35,000 square foot premises include specialist workshops for offsite fabrication of refrigeration systems and other heating and cooling equipment, which we will deliver partially assembled for faster installation.

Performance materials, such as corrosion-resistant thin-wall stainless steel, are used to give you hardware you can trust for many years to come, with minimal maintenance required to keep your refrigeration systems in good working order.

We work on installations of any size, with made-to-measure pipework to fit your premises perfectly. Our engineers are Gas Safe Registered, allowing us to work on heating, refrigeration and HVAC systems alike – your single port of call, whatever you need.

Get In Touch

If you are planning to install a new refrigeration system, replace an existing system, or you need to add extra refrigeration capacity to your premises as part of an extension or refurbishment, Fletchers Engineering can help.

We welcome all enquiries, big and small, and will use the best techniques to give you the capacity you need, within the space you have available.

To find out more, or to tell us what you need, contact Fletchers today and speak to one of our skilled and friendly engineers.


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