Packaged Boiler Plant Rooms

At Fletcher’s Engineering, we specialise in delivering practical turnkey solutions tailored exclusively for heating and hot water applications. Recognising the increasing demand for off-site manufacturing, we provide customised solutions for boiler plant rooms to serve the unique needs of both commercial and industrial sectors. 

Fletchers Engineering design and install boiler plant rooms, creating optimised spaces that precisely match the size, nature, and complexity of your development, standing out by seamlessly integrating the latest practices in off-site manufacturing to offer specialised solutions. 


Benefits of Packaged Boiler Plant Rooms 

Fletcher’s packaged boiler pump rooms offer a comprehensive solution tailored to your industrial and commercial needs. Our expertise in off-site fabrication ensures swift on-site assembly, optimising both time and resources for your project.  

These pump rooms are specifically designed for boiler applications, providing a bespoke solution that accommodates the unique requirements of diverse projects. With a focus on precision engineering and the use of modern materials like corrosion-resistant thin-wall stainless steel pipework, our boiler pump rooms ensure safety, reliability, and peak performance.  

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