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Everything you need to know about HVAC maintenance

HVAC maintenance can feel like a chore, but a regular HVAC service can keep your equipment running efficiently for longer – and efficiency means lower running costs and no emergency HVAC repairs. At Fletchers Engineering we offer scheduled HVAC services and responsive HVAC repairs alike, as part of our overall HVAC maintenance service. In this […]

Everything you need to know about industrial gas installation

Industrial gas installation is the process of installing a pipeline to carry gas around your premises safely and securely to each point of use. A professional gas installer should be Gas Safe Registered as a minimum, but ideally should also have the expertise to optimise your gas installation for safety and efficiency. Fletchers Engineering have […]

5 HVAC Myths Debunked

HVAC systems are a godsend on cold winter days and especially during summer heatwaves, when they can keep the temperature your workplace within a bearable range. But we often encounter some common misconceptions about HVAC maintenance and repair, as well as some misguided expectations about HVAC installation. There’s no reason why you should be HVAC […]

5 Innovations Shaping the Future of HVAC

HVAC systems offer plenty of versatility, from compact wall and window units, through to split systems and ducted central air conditioning. As a way to heat, cool and ventilate buildings of all sizes, they’re a crucial technology all year round. As we move towards the middle of the 21st century, the future of HVAC technology […]

Everything you need to know about HVAC systems

Commercial HVAC systems keep premises cool in summer, warm in winter, and help to ventilate interiors with fresh air to balance humidity and tackle indoor air quality concerns. This all makes an efficient and regularly serviced commercial HVAC system an important asset – but what exactly is HVAC? Let’s find out… What does HVAC stand […]

HVAC systems face the strain as Met Office raises heatwave thresholds

Rising temperatures mean British businesses could face increased pressure on their HVAC systems this summer, as the Met Office has revised its heatwave threshold temperatures in several parts of the country. In an announcement simply headed “UK climate change in action” the Met Office increased the minimum temperature required to declare a heatwave in eight […]

HVAC Offsite Fabrication is a Breath of Fresh Air

Offsite fabrication of HVAC systems, sometimes called HVAC prefabrication, allows you to benefit from newly manufactured, bespoke heating, ventilation and air conditioning components, built to your specifications and ready for rapid installation. Fletchers Engineering have a 40,000 square foot purpose-built facility on Nasmyth Business Park in Eccles, Manchester, with the materials and capabilities needed to […]

HVAC Offsite Build Boosts Businesses and Economy

HVAC offsite build is a win-win for businesses and for the economy as a whole, bringing many benefits to construction and refurbishment projects, while adding significant extra value to commercial fitouts and refits. Offsite build of HVAC means heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are built to bespoke dimensions and specifications, with only the bare […]

Cut Costs and Carbon with Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Commercial HVAC systems contribute to the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions in several different ways. While it’s clear that heating commercial premises carries a carbon footprint, it’s also true that cooling business buildings contributes to CO2 emissions. According to a research briefing by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology in April 2021, cooling buildings, industrial […]

The Benefits of End-to-End HVAC Contractors

Fletchers are end-to-end HVAC contractors, capable of carrying out the entire process from the initial audit and assessment of what you need, through to installation, commissioning, and maintenance on an ongoing basis. The benefits of start-to-finish HVAC contractors certainly add up. Just some of the main benefits include: We can audit legacy HVAC systems and […]